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Every garment and every size is different. These are the average sizes for this garment. However, please note, because every shirt is made by hand, sizing will vary between every shirt.

Size S M L XL 2XL
Sleeve Seam 16.5in 18.5in 20.0in 21.5in 23.0in
Armpits 17.0in 20.0in 21.5in 24.0in 25.5in
Middle 18.0in 20.0in 21.5in 24.0in 25.5in
Bottom 18.0in 20.0in 21.5in 24.0in 25.5in
Hem to Collar 22.0in 24.0in 26.0in 28.0in 28.0in
Top to Bottom 25.0in 28.0in 30.0in 31.5in 33.0in
Back seam 16.5in 18.5in 20.0in 22.0in 23.5in